Outwith my Pit

Daisy, Flossie and my OH are doing all the chores while I dwell in my pit not being able to help even slightly.

They have dutifully gone over to Leradale, sometimes twice a day, to make sure everyone has silage and, more importantly, water.  Their water supply has frozen solid in this weather and water is a must.

Every day the family have lugged haynets full of silage and containers full of water and I know it is very hard work.

There is also the hardfeed to give to Brá and two foals as well.

It is all received gratefully.

And Hetja gets to wash up.

It is a token gesture really as she is also a heffalump or a good do-er, as we say in the trade.

Or fat, as we say in real life – yes, we do!

I love Dreki in this photo!

Without my family, none of this would be possible. They are being wonderful.

Photos by Flossie, by request

7 thoughts on “Outwith my Pit

  1. Karen

    I do love reading your blog posts. Sorry you’re still feeling poorly but thank goodness your amazing family are keeping things going. Get well soon xx

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you’re feeling a little better, Frances. I suppose if you’ve got to stay in bed, better in this weather than if it was lovely and sunny!

  3. Darby

    Sorry you are still feeling ill Frances. as Judith said above, at least the weather is not tempting one to be outside. It is vile here in New York as well, rain, sleet, snow and hurricane force winds!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Thank God you have such great helpers around your house! I’m so sorry that you’re still feeling so sick Frances. It looks so cold and dreary there….hope your weather turns soon! Hope your ills leave you soon too!


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