Not Enough Hours in the Day

So much to do, so little time….

I start a job, then get distracted, wander off and do something else.  I am annoying myself.  I need to finish one thing and then move on.  I can’t seem to do this.

Meanwhile, I am trying to ride Klængur, train Dreki, make lots of sheeple to sell (I can’t keep up with the demand), move furniture around to fit in the new arrivals (it is now three chest-of-drawers deep in one room!), put stuff  on Fleabay or post, Minions to check, Vitamin to feed …… and the diaries to transcribe in the evening.

I need more time and energy.  I meet myself coming home.

Today, I managed everything (I write the diaries after supper).

This is our first step of something faster than walk!

And my happy face afterwards.

Dreki is coming along very nicely.

After making another sheeple to add to the pile I am taking to town tomorrow, I went for a ride on Klængur who had one mahoosive spook at a pheasant (I hate them so much).

The rest of the ride was lovely and calm.  I reckon if I can sit that spook, then I can sit most things.

Another silly grin from me.

4 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours in the Day

  1. Sam

    The clean-up from cleaning a loved one’s home is exhausting and seems like it never ends.
    But your face while riding – WOW!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Seriously impressed that you have the energy to ride two on top of all your other commitments!

  3. diane in northern wis

    I love all the beautiful sheep that you made! They probably won’t last long in the store though! So glad you had two nice rides!!! Great Video!


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