Dog Grooming

Dog grooming – that’s the title – well, we don’t bother with some people. There is just no point. She would only eat the ruddy brush.

So, this afternoon, Ted and I set off to Scalloway to see Sharon at The Foxy Dog.  Our aim was to come home with just that – a Foxy Dog.

This is a Before photo.

I think you will agree, more left-over Muppet than Foxy.

But I came home with this….  seriously Foxy and gorgeous.

Ted looks so much better. Much younger, much happier and much cleaner.

I have booked Ted in for a twice-yearly dog groom.  I think it makes sense.  Lighten Ted’s load and make him happy. We all love it.  He looks so different.

Meanwhile Pepper is now sulking because she has no need of pampering and is the scruffiest dog around here.

And Monster swiftly went on a diet!

6 thoughts on “Dog Grooming

  1. Sam

    Ted is quite the stud in his short hair! Monster has perfected the “stare of death and mayhem” while Pepper is cute and scruffy.

  2. Raisa, Maine, New England

    Pepper! incorrigible, with an irrepressible heart of gold (and antics that win awe),
    but your Ted… Ted now looks gorgeous (!!!); he is now a some-CLASSY-guy.
    With the look of love for his family, as always. This haircut seems to allow
    his inner Ted to BEAM forth!
    And your kitty sphinx-like, seems to guard her home and kin.
    As always, thank you for sharing.

  3. Linda Kirk

    What a transformation! Ted looks gorgeous. I think Pepper’s coat in that first picture looks lovely, like burnished gold. Monster doesn’t need any improving.


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