The Elusive Lamb

The hill sheep mostly have all had their lambs now.  They always give birth a few weeks later than the sheep kept “inbye”, ie on the croft.

These hill lambs will all be related to my lot, especially Harrel-the-Barrel.  I definitely see the family resemblance.

Hill lambs can be an elusive lot when they want to be.

I drive very slowly and carefully on the road through the hill on my way to the Minions as the lambs are particularly suicidal at this age.  Last year was very depressing as folk drove far too fast with no idea who was waiting to hurl itself across the road to get to its mother.  There were far too many unnecessary and sad deaths.  I hate that.

This time of year is torture for me.  I just want to scoop up all the little Harrel’s and bring them home for safety.

Meanwhile, when I got home Lambie was waiting for me.  He had been sitting at the top of the hill because the flies were annoying him (it rained last night, the wind changed and got warmer = flies).  I let him in, gave him a biccie and ordered him a fly-collar for the rest of the summer.

5 thoughts on “The Elusive Lamb

    1. Frances Post author

      Someone is their owner. Some crofts have hill rights, ie they are allowed to have a set amount of sheep in the hill. All hill sheep are tagged so everyone knows whose are whose.

  1. diane in northern wis

    Sure hope people are driving slower this year…but that’s probably too much to hope for. I love your heart for critters! You’re the best, Frances!

    1. Frances Post author

      Gosh, no. No one cares about sheep on the hill. Horrible and very sad. I know one woman who used to drive shouting “hit it, hit it”. Gross.


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