Nobody loves you like I do

Bjørn, Taktur’s trainer, came over this morning.  The rain has almost stopped and gone now and the fields quickly drained back to their normal state of winter sogginess.


Of course, the minute Bjørn mounted Taktur, it started to rain a bit so he warmed him up in the indoor school while waiting for it to stop.

BN2A3060 BN2A3066

Then Bjørn and Taktur went outside as it was more fun for them both.  So I sent them out wearing the correct gear (and if you still seriously think that this is a policeman on his horse, then you need your eyes testing).


Taktur’s fan club watched in envy.  Most of the envy was for the fact that Taktur lives in a field with muchos grass and this lot are fatty fat fat fat or blimpy blimp blimp blimp.


While I was waiting for horse and rider to return, I mooched about with Loki and BeAnne.


Loki practiced his coming when called.  This if the first time I have been able use my big camera and it was great fun (look? one leg!) watching him run.  Poetry, not like BeAnne who resembles a baked bean fired from a canon.

BN2A3093 BN2A3109

Eventually, there was the sound of “Black and Decker, Black and Decker” (the four beat noise of tölt) and Bjørn, Amina and Taktur came into view.


I took photos of them all going up and down the track trying to capture just how far Taktur has come in his training.  This is a very useful tool to look at later.  (I just love his happy little enthusiastic face with ears pricked as he bounces along!)

BN2A3141  BN2A3200 BN2A3201 BN2A3223  BN2A3264 BN2A3290 BN2A3335 BN2A3341 BN2A3354

He is a horse in a million and only 4 years old.


We untacked Taktur, rugged him with his Thermatex and I held his food up for him as he tends to tip it up everywhere otherwise.  BeAnne acted as his own private Hoover and he dribbled the remainder onto her back so it looked like an appalling skin disease!

BN2A3408 BN2A3409

Having dribbled his food, Taktur then stood in his bowl.  (He is tied with two ropes because I could not work out how to undo the tape-like one so gave up and attached a rope instead because it tied better and he has his Houdini moments.)


Only a mother could love him, which is lucky because I adore him.


3 thoughts on “Nobody loves you like I do

  1. Roosa

    The photos of Takur with his ears pricked forward are the definition of a happy horse! Made my heart melt. And talk about an uphill canter (much appreciation over here from a dressage fan!!) Love your dogs too 🙂

  2. Sam

    Yes, Taktur is a lovely boy. But the shots of Loki were magificent! The description of BeAnne like a baked bean totally cracked me up!


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