Rain, rain and more rain

Last night it rained and rained and rained……

I could hear it all night, hammering on the roof, never giving up.


So this morning we were greeted by being under water.  I am glad we live mid way up a hill.  I am not holding out for that bridge which was on the way out anyway.


This is my neighbour’s field.  Not good.


And the burn coming down off Stourbrough Hill.  It was thundering and very noisy.


The horses, of course, were fine and didn’t give a damn.  Iacs was ridden and the same as ever.  Wet or dry, he happily bimbled along.  I did warn Janette, his rider, that he might try to roll but he behaved himself.


Taktur, our stallion, was pacing the fence because he caught a glimpse of his friends in the other field and wanted to be with them.  This bunch are all living in the Fat-Fighters-Field at the moment while Tatkur and Kappi have the long grass.  I think Iacs and Haakon would pop if we put him in that field.


You can see from Taktur’s coat that only the surface is wet  The rest is dry and we have had rain, and I mean real rain.


My back seized up last night and I couldn’t move this morning so I attached myself to the Tens machine plus took some painkillers and muscle relaxants.  This got me back on my feet  by lunchtime.  I am a great believer in gentle mobilisation, wherever possible, and I took Jack for his daily potter up the track.  There were rivulets of water coming down from the hills.


All the little streams were flooded and rushing along furiously.

L1040253 L1040254 L1040256

My neighbours appeared to be living on an island.  I hope they are all ok.


I haven’t seen this much rain for ages.  But as quickly as it arrives, it all goes away after a few hours leaving us all feeling a bit soggy.



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