The Last of the Garden

Autumn is running it’s course.  It becomes slightly colder each day and the garden is on its way out.  The last gasp of flowers are trying hard but it is a thankless task as no one is sitting outside to appreciate them.


Having said that, today was glorious – the sun was shining and no wind.  What Shetlanders call a day “Between Weathers”.


My back is still very far from good so I wandered about the garden “mobilising gently” taking photos of the last of the flowers.


I like the shapes, the patterns and the plant skeletons left behind.  I also like trying to work out how my camera works!  I am not a great one for RTFM and prefer to experiment with light, depth, etc.  Being self-taught also means I can’t actually explain to anyone how cameras and their settings work.  The hamster living in my camera is not considered a valid explanation.

BN2A3712BN2A3702  BN2A3733 BN2A3736 BN2A3752

The sun light was amazing too. I was almost……. yes, dare I say it? warm!


I happened upon Wussums who was out for a morning terrorisation of the locals.


He still loathes Loki and the feeling is totally mutual.


I know you are thinking he is fat but we barely feed him.  Wuss is just big boned this time of year and nature’s buffet trolley is still very plentiful.  Fat fur with the lispy purr.


Here are the results of my daily search for a Shetland pony, or is it a sheep?  No, ponies, those are definitely ponies.  Aren’t they?

L1040363 L1040365 L1040373

(I am not driving today in case I can only get into the car and then find I can’t get out again when my back locks up – physio tomorrow so hopefully I will get some help and if I get stuck in Lerwick, the experts can prise me out).

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