Why, Miss Tiddles, You’re Beautiful!

I let Tiddles and his bezzie, Storm, out into the bit around the house.  They thought I was being nice but I will admit I had an ulterior motive.


I wanted to get rid of the last of Tiddles’ matted foal coat.  So I tied him up in the shed, where he proceeded to have a tantrum, and I brushed him.


We had a bit of a discussion about his mane and the mats that had attached themselves to the forelock.


This discussion consisted of Tiddles rearing as much as he could every time I went near the bit behind his ears or under his mane.  He resembled a stroppy chess piece and, as he was tied up, I just ignored him and persevered with my brushing, occasionally telling him to stop being silly and that absolutely no one had ever died from having their hair brushed.  Not even Andrew.


Tiddles eventually gave up when he realised I wasn’t going to give in.

And now look, isn’t he gorgeous?  We don’t the use the spotty word in the registered Shetland pony world.  Tiddles is skewbald (with a bit of a spotty bot).

BN2A7688 L1170425BN2A7676

Anyway, I have achieved and that is the final brush of the foal coat to come out.  I did promise him that was it.  The last little bits will drop out on their own.

There was a carroty reward for both and then I put them back in the field so the others could laugh and point.


8 thoughts on “Why, Miss Tiddles, You’re Beautiful!

  1. Linda

    Good jog – he looks wonderful!
    What you went through is what it’s like trying to brush our dog. And trying to trim her nails…you’d think we were removing her toes…


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