Nice to be Appreciated

A morning up on the hill, putting out a silage bale for the ladies.  I took the Land Rover over to Sandness as it is the best piece of plant for the job.  We lugged and heaved and put the most unportable big bale silage into position.  The mares were miles away in their huge field, so we called and they came running over.


The girls are looking very well and I think we can safely say Threapwood Velvereta is pregnant again (and hopefully Millhouse Verona too).


The silage is made in our hay parks so we know what is in it and, this time of year, it is very popular with everyone.  The girls were enthusiastic to see it (not us particularly).

BN2A0424 BN2A0430

The usual herd politics and hierarchy means that ponies like Fivla can get left out, so I took her a pile of silage and she gave me a little whiffle when she saw me.  She is always so appreciative of folk and has lovely manners.


So I spread the silage out in piles and no one was left out.



This is a nice herd.  They are all easy to do and nice to talk to. When it gets a bit warmer, I think a day is needed for a bit of grooming and chatting.  We just need to leave winter well and truly behind us.



Meanwhile the dogs were busy entertaining themselves.  Loki and Snati are still getting used to each other.  It is not an easy friendship and sometimes it is “handbags at dawn” – they did have two arguments today but it was all bluff and bluster.


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