A Blissful Afternoon

For the next few days, I will mostly be living in the bathroom with two sachets of Picolax.  Nuff said.  I dread it.

So, with this impending misery ahead, I decided to spend the afternoon doing what I love best – snogging bebbie noseys.

First I was investigated thoroughly by each of them.

L1070341 L1070354 L1070358

Then they wandered off – this is a “Duvet Day” as the weather today is a fine balance between harsh rain with wind and then brief sunshine.


The noseys arrived to be kissed.  They couldn’t help themselves.  Their curiosity got the better of them as I sat in the corner of their shed waiting.

L1070366 L1070369

I discovered that little Storm, initially the shyest of them all, wanted to be with me more than eating.  He just stood beside me while I tickled his neck.  He loved it and tried to block Torbjorn when he came up.  It was funny to watch him have an opinion about what he wanted most.  There was strategy in his thoughts.


After a while, their love of food got the better of them and they wandered off again to eat.


These are the two most perfect bottoms in the world.  In the words of Agnes “They’re (He’s) so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

So true!


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