Bebbies – Film and Photos

(All film and photos – by Jo as I spent another day away with the NHS)

The Three Amigos having breakfast

Storm and his post-breakfast filler – hay and silage.


When in doubt, stand in your food.


The Shetland Pony Investigation Service or CSI SP!


Torbjørn looking majestic and noble and proud and gorgeous and, and ……


…. then photo bombed by Storm.


More photobombing or a close-up (depends on your perspective)


Cor, he is a gorgeous little sweetie.


Torbjørn doing the same thing while Jo tries to take a nice photo of Silver.  She failed.


It is nearly impossible to take any photos of these little bebbies as they make it their mission to be with you wherever you are in their field, preferably pressed up close.

See what I mean?

and this….

Food, food and more food…..

I ❤ the bebbies.  I hope you do too.

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