Nice Afternoon for a Walk

Her Maj has found a “fing”‘ in our old vegetable garden (now a sheep paddock).  I know it is something interesting as she keeps sidling off and eventually coming home with revolting “digging” whiskers.

Of course, when asked about it, BeAnne denies all knowledge.  I am not optimitistic it is anything nice.

So after lunch, I opted for a diversionary tactic and took her for a short walk on the hill.  She enjoyed that, put up a bunny, which left in a leisurely fashion barely breaking into a run but BeAnne bounced with happiness at the thought of the thrill of the chase.

On our way home, I spotted the old men in the top corner of their field so I threw a carrot over which, of course, Haakon missed.  What to do?  Leave him or climb over the fence and find it for him. Yes, I climbed over.

And apparently one carrot is never enough.

“Honestly, that’s it. I only brought one each”.

“It’s no good making that face.  There are no more”.

“You’ve all had one!”

(Iacs was the other side of the wall)

The afternoon Shetland winter sun made a beautiful backdrop.

A gorgeous light. Like rose gold.

BeAnne waited patiently for me while I was retrieving carrots for doitin’ old men and then we went home.

2 thoughts on “Nice Afternoon for a Walk

  1. Sam

    You are not allowed near Pirate BeAnne Booty in the field. It’s hers. Love her bum by the burn photo along with the ever hopeful Muzzah forgot to count the carrot faces of the Gentlemen.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Such cute pics today of your old men and your sweet pup. Always fun to see where you’re going and what you’re up to. Glad the rain stopped for a bit. You need more carrots!!! 🙂


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