Good and Bad Pics

Let me start by saying that in my defence I’ve had a headache all day that wouldn’t budge.

It was a lovely still day and I asked Daisy to check everyone outwith the croft.

Meanwhile, I went out with my big camera, set it up wrong and took some fairly bad/mediocre photos of the sheeple coming home early.

They were sharing a field with the horses and not enjoying themselves much.


Festooned with old dock branches too!

I need to inspect Lambie closer. I suspect he may have lost one of his “magnificent” horns.  The girls are a bit lovely at the moment, and I saw Lambie making amorous advances to Edna!

I tried not to be shocked but I failed.

‘Bert is besotted with Madge.

And ‘Ster is totally oblivious to everything.  Probably just as well.

This is ‘Bert the other evening. I was playing my flute and he was sitting outside my shed listening.  Awwww…..

And then Daisy sent me this shocking photo!  My poor camera.  My poor eyes.  More shock.  I can’t unsee this.

9 thoughts on “Good and Bad Pics

  1. Claire

    Love the reflection photos. So beautiful. They give a sense of the enormity of the sky. I always imagine this is to the East, but it appears to be Southwest.

  2. Sam

    Looks like the Sheeple had a good romp in the briars. And making eyes at the girls means a nice fleece to cuddle up to at night. Love how Bert is a fan of flutes. As for the the last shot…please do not draw Monster “like the those French girls”!

  3. Linda

    Gorgeous scenery photos, Frances (sorry to hear about the headache). Looks like love is blooming for the sheep? and I hope Lambie’s horn injury isn’t too painful for him.

    As to that last one of Monster; is it just me or is someone getting a beer belly?

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Thank you for the wonderful photos. So Lambie likes the young girls and Bert is into more mature Weeman hummm and Ster is just into himself.
    I am sorry for your headache. Mine reaches up and grabs me when we have a storm coming in, has something to do with the barometric pressure, even though I know pressure in my ‘ol bod is supposed to be steady.
    Monster has the same pose that his SW cousin “white cat” often chooses. Cats always seem to know how to just be comfortable.
    Take care,


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