Newt’s Alopecia

I have been noticing, these past few days, that the fur on Newt’s head is falling out in tufts.

He is especially woolly all over but it is like he is losing his foal coat whilst getting ready for the summer as if the underneath one is coming through.

But it isn’t.  There is no coat growing underneath – just bald patches (as you can see).  This is not right.

So, feeling worried, I rang the vets and they dispensed a dose of Switch Equine (an external pour-on permethrin for lice and sweetitch).  It was difficult trying to decide on Newt’s weight so we just estimated hopefully.

While we were treating Newt, we looked for signs of “rabbit’s friends and relations”, but saw nothing moving!  However, he is very scurfy in his thick woolly mammoth winter coat.

I now feel very riffy!

Newt was a very good boy.  In a 30 acre field with helpers, he just stood there while Daisy applied the nuclear deterrent.  No headcollar, no nothing, no need.  He saw us and walked up with his little Shetland pony foal noise and his nose a-wuffling.

Obviously, there were helpers. There always are.  They are experts in everything we do.

Dear little Newt has settled in very well.  I am hoping this is just a small healthcare blip and he will be fine.  It has been unseasonably warm this winter so all sorts of revolting things may raise their ugly heads.

Newt is definitely a speshul soldier.

Yes, and so is Albie.

Yes, and so is everyone else.

Going to talk to the Minions always reminds me of Joyce Grenfell….

And Sue, we don’t want GRUMBLERS in our fairy ring, do we?  We only want smilers.
Yes David, you’re a smiler – so is Lavinia – and Peggy and Geoffrey. Yes, you’re all smilers.

9 thoughts on “Newt’s Alopecia

  1. Carol E

    Aw, poor Newt! Maybe he needs a fair isle hat/balaclava? I hope the treatment works. He is pretty darn scurffy. The pathos in that first up-the-nose pic is wringing my heart. He’s so lucky to have you.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Poor baby boy! My immediate thought was lice so hopefully the treatment will be effective and some hair will grow back before the worst of the winter weather sets in. They are all so gorgeous and cuddly!

  3. Terri

    Oh, poor baby Newt! Good thing he’s under your watchful eye. Let’s hope the magic potion nukes whatever is causing this. (Ick, I feel all itchy just looking at the photos.) Please keep us posted!

  4. Linda K

    Poor boy. I hope the treatment works and that he’s not suffering too much. He doesn’t deserve it.
    Thank you for the gorgeous photos on your Advent calendar.

  5. Linda

    Oh, here’s hoping Newt grows some hair back before it gets really cold. But your adopted babies have all had a bit of a tough time in one way or another, haven’t they? And everyone’s come out right – happy and healthy. Thordale is magical like that…

  6. Judith Garbutt

    Had a horrible thought this morning – he couldn’t have picked up ringworm , could he? If the patches are circular with slightly raised edges…….. Hope it’s not that or you may have to treat all his friends as well. Fingers crossed for you.


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