Going A-visiting

Funny old weather at the moment – no light but at least it is warm.

We decided to go a-Christmas visiting.

There were volunteers.

But everyone would have to be on a lead/harness as they tend to eat gardens and I couldn’t be arsed with the argument.

So we took Fivla instead.

Yup, that would be Fivla who appeared in National Geographic and many newspapers/ magazines all over the world. Yes, that would be her.

Her diet remains work-in-progress but it is working.

I also took an elf to carry the Christmas presents.  Needs must.

Everyone (animal and human) loves visiting out neighbours.  They live about 1/3 mile down the road from us and we are good friends.

You may be able to tell that Fivla has visited them often!  She knows how to behave.

Fivla has always been a very people-person.  Horses/ponies are people.  That’s how we roll in this Shire.

BeAnne instantly made herself at home.

Food was given for the effort!

And everyone participated.

BeAnne decided she wanted to stay.

As did Loki.  My animals all want to live here.  I was told that Wussums had recently been seen lurking about too.  Typical!

With the mission accomplished, we wended our way home.

At the moment, there is barely any daylight.  I am sorry for the crap photography but, to be honest, I don’t want to take my good camera out until there is not rain, wind or mud!

How we suffer!

5 thoughts on “Going A-visiting

  1. Gwen Jamieson

    I loved your visiting, photo’s are really good, and of course the animals are just magical also I like the elves too xxxx hahaha poor daisy they all take good photo’s they call it photogenic

  2. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    What a terrific blog. Just found you! Love your pictures and the beautiful animals and quaint countryside. I’d love to see some green grass about now…we have snow and very cold!!! Blessings for a wonderful Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Patsy from Illinois

    Just found your blog thru Bee Haven Acres blog. I live in Illinois in the USA. Your life makes me smile. Thank you. Reminds me of a pony I had when I was young. He was an Indian pony named Prince and I hadn’t thought about him in quite awhile. Your blog brought that back to me.


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