Family Ride Out

The weather outside is pretty dreary but us Taylors are made of tough stuff.

As it was not actually raining, we decided to go out for a ride on our Icelandic horses.

Floss rode her horse, Klængur (pronounced Klang-gur)

Daisy rode her stallion, Taktur (Tack-tur).

And me?  I was on Haakon (Haw-kon), King of the North.

This is probably my most favourite view in the whole world.  There is nothing like it.  No other horse, ever.  I instantly feel safe and happy.

Haakon likes to always be first and the others follow along behind.  Haakon would race if anyone went past.  He likes to think he is not old and still the boss.

It was windy out so there was some mad hair going on!

On a ride out, there are not rules except for have fun and stay safe.  Everyone went along at whatever speed they wanted – turn up the sound if you want to hear the wind – it was blowing hard.

We walked.

We tölted.

Some trotted (I am so not doing that).

I didn’t have to worry once about anyone on the ride.

The horses were behaved beautifully and despite the wind blowing, it was a wonderful ride.

(I think I even saw an alien spaceship landing, though I could not be sure!).

Going out, all three of us, is rare for whatever reason but when we do, it is fun.  Great fun.

Riding out with my two daughters is my happiness and a treat.

8 thoughts on “Family Ride Out

  1. Evelyn Wilcock

    To have both daughters home together and to ride out with them too – I can quite understand why it means so much to you Frances. My own daughters are much older than yours but have remained best of friends.

  2. Elizabeth

    looks wild and windy and wonderful, and i bet it was great to get back in home afterwards to hot steaming mugs of tea and coffee, what a wonderful way to spend an hour or two, with your girls and the boys.

  3. Nancy

    How lovely! What a nice way to spend time together!
    Is your video showing everyone tolting?! I am not sure what a tolt is, so I am asking…

    1. Frances Post author

      Sort of. Orange horse is tolting, though a bit pAcey, black horse behind is trotting. My horse is tolting!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Looks cold, windy but absolutely wonderful!! Glad you all enjoyed the ride. Thanks for spelling out how the horses names are pronounced (I was struggling with that!!). I have never heard of tolting before, I am presuming it is a pace just after the walk but before the trot. Your Icelandic horses look very sturdy and hardy – are they classed as horses or ponies (as I notice they are pony sized)? Enjoyed reading this post, photo’s are marvellous. Kind regards.

    1. Frances Post author

      They are never ponies! Always horses.

      Tölt is a four beat gait and very comfortable. It is at any speed from walk to canter.


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