New Skill

On my way to my shed, I glanced over to check on the ducklings only to see that they had all vanished! Oh, the instant worry, slight panic and dread.

I turned around to see them all walking towards me with great enthusiam. They had learned how to get through a wire fence and had gone walkabout with their Mum.

They were extremely pleased with themselves.

So I opened the gate to their little paddock and shed and told them to go in and think about their behaviour, worrying me like that.  It’s not a ruddy hotel.

The pond has also been discovered.  So far it has just been paddling depth to check the ducklings can clamber in and out successfully. I was told that they can drown if they can’t get out (cue more worry, panic and constant checking for dead drowned ducklings).

This morning Daisy added some more water and they were all in the pond like a shot having a lovely time.


Our ladders have proved very successful too.


They all have learned how to swim.

There has also been lots of washing and preening.

They love all water very much.

I could watch them for hours.  They are very happy now they have a pond.  We will fill it a bit deeper tomorrow.


Meanwhile, the horses are all well though they are not half as fun as watching ducklings learning to swim.

5 thoughts on “New Skill

  1. Sam

    Oh the fears and joys when raising critters! Sorry the Ducks caused you to worry. Happy they love the pool.
    They are so different from the mallards around me.

  2. Celeste

    That is so cool to see that they like water. My Muscovy Ducks don’t like it and won’t go in my pond. I was told they are land ducks. Yours have a lot more sense!

  3. Sherry Walter

    There is nothing so happy as a duck with fresh water. I have one duck and when I fill her pool Betty zooms around in circles like a motor boat.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love all your duckie pictures….they’re wonderful with the water splashing all around. And that horse pic at the end is so awesome!


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