Love that Dare not Speak it’s Name

Monster is used to sheep.  He has been around them for a few years now.  Nothing much phases him these days.

We were happily sitting outside in the afternoon sunshine waiting for our equine physiotherapy’s arrival.  Monster was with us, obviously, and therefore a cool dude (or as Flossie called him when she saw this photo “A White Whale” – she has a point).

Out of the blue, Monster found he had a fan.  Maggie. She adores him.

I have absolutely no idea why.

This worship is not reciprocated.

Not even slightly but Maggie won’t be told.

Harrel the Barrel is of course very tame, silly and much loved – here he is under the table where we sit.

Maggie has her tame moments too. They are increasing.

She is trying very hard but finds it difficult sometimes.  She is a tamer version of Madge.  One day she might believe us.

Look at Maggie’s face when she realises the object of all her affection is close by.

And off she goes and off he goes.

But there is no telling Maggie. She is on a mission.

And so they follow the Big White Cat!

Monster tolerates his God like status.

And Maggie is very persistent.  Meanwhile, we all watched and laughed!  Poor Monster (not).

5 thoughts on “Love that Dare not Speak it’s Name

  1. Sam

    As my mom would say “what goes around, comes around” Monster’s stalking of others has come home to annoy himself. Looks rather like a Beluga Whale on the table. Had a very nice chuckle at Maggie’s determination to woo said whale. Here’s hoping she wins.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Well…..I can tell by looking at Monster’s ears that he is NOT very happy with his new adoring friend. Maybe long ago Maggie knew another “nice” cat! I wonder how long this will last. Hopefully it will all end well for sheep and cat!


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