New Regimen

Everyday, I have decided that I am going to brush one Minion!

Today’s first contender was Storm.

He was close by and so, with my brush in hand, I gave him a nice grooming. He didn’t seem very impressed.

But I told Storm just how handsome he was and how much he would appreciate this later.

He sort of believed me, stood still (no headcollar) and I worked my magic turning the scruffy urchin into a slightly more brushed scruffy urchin!

So handsome now.

I gave out two carrots each and then bathed Fivla’s eye’s and gave Vitamin her mouthwash – the daily Minion ministrations.

Little Newt was following me around so he is tomorrow’s victim, sorry, volunteer!

He did ask very nicely, including a beautiful Winning Smile.

And this afternoon, I let the ducky-wuckies out of their field.

Now if they see me, they come racing over.

Muscovy ducks don’t quack – (I know!) – totally silent apart from little whistles and squeaks of enthusiasm).

They are growing bigger and more mature every day. Definite feathers now.


2 thoughts on “New Regimen

  1. Sam

    Great, now I feel scruffy! Between Minions n getting groomed and ducklings hitting the teenage stage…I feel the need for a stylist. But then Newt’s cute face cheers me up so!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Nice job brushing Storm. He looks ever so handsome! And your ducks don’t quack? Sure enough…I turned up the volume and lo and behold… quacking! They sure are cute though and growing so fast. Good job Frances!


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