New Friends

Guess who has been lurking about the place while the other three went out to enjoy themselves, stretch their legs and get some fresh air?

Lambie and his surrogate Mum, BeAnne, spend much time scrounging.  It is a national sport.

I suppose BeAnne taught Lambie all she knows when he was her little lamb.

BeAnne has always been a very good mother despite having no real babies of her own.  She had a horrid phantom pregnancy and was subsequently spayed.

Anywho yesterday our trainer and farrier, Bjørn, came over with his Icelandic horse, Elvar, to train in our indoor school.

Lambie had snuck into the shed to tidy up any rogue hay lying around.  I was standing in the middle of the school taking photos for Bjørn so he could see how Elvar was moving.  Photos can be a very useful training tool.

Lambie enjoys watching the horses go round.  He always has.

Once Elvar and Bjørn had finished, Lambie went up to introduce himself.

I don’t suppose Elvar, who came over from Norway a few months back, has met such a special sheeple.

Then Bjørn rode Elvar home (just down the road) before it was completely dark.

And we all went into the house where Lambie proceeded to work his charm.

When I said “No, you’ve already had your carrots for the day”, I was the recipient of Lambie’s steely glare.

I may have had to give in and find “and-this-is-the-last” carrot.  But I always say that and then Lambie smiles and then I think well, carrots are good for you and they aren’t fattening!  I may have mug written on my forehead.

You can see where Lambie learned this skill.

6 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Sam

    Ah, the return of LambDog! His mum, BeAnne, has done a mighty fine job teaching this boy all about the sulks and stares in order to get the yummies one so dearly deserve. Love the full on Winning Smile, the Coy “I know you gots more carrot” look and the total SULK face. Once a LambDog/Sheeple – always Muzzah’s fav!

  2. Terri

    I luffs Lambie’s baby pics. Lucky Lambie to have both you and BeAnne as adoring mums! (it was BA’s responsibility to teach him her winning ways…) Great photo of Bjørn and Elvar — Bjørn looks so natural on a horse — he must be a wonderful trainer.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Awww those pics of Lambie and BeAnne when Lambie was a teeny tiny are just great! Wow Lambie really started out tiny. So cute. No wonder Lambie is so comfy when he comes into your house. All the pics are just great and really made me smile. Thanks a lot Frances! And no, I don’t think you’re a soft touch… just have a big heart!

  4. Louise Stopford

    The photo’s of baby Lambie with BeAnne are wonderful. I wonder how old Lambie was there – did you keep a ‘photo diary’ of him growing up? I bet you forget how small he was – until you go back and look at the pictures.


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