Bored of This

I can honestly say that we are all very bored of this weather.  It is starting to get to us.

We all weathered yesterday’s storm.  There was, however, a casualty – Kappi’s rug which was found in his field utterly trashed and beyond repair.  Apart from that, we got through it in one piece.

Although the storm necessitated rugs for the little ones, I am loathe to take them off yet.

To be honest, I think Albie would fight me for it! (Don’t you think he looks smart in it – like a little soldier-horse).

Albie luffs his rug.  It is his second best friend.  Newt, of course, is his first.  That going without saying.

Newt is less keen on his rug as his restricts his movement hugely but, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think Newt has any ideas of leaping and prancing about much anyway.  The ceaseless mud gets him down very much and I am thinking the little boys may have to come up to live round the house (or perhaps even in it, if I can get my way) later on in the month.

So we are down by one rug, which is annoying but not the end of the world.

Those that have them, need them and those that don’t, probably will never have one.  Haakon would think his life was over if I rugged him up.  Sort of like admitting he is old.  We don’t mention it.

And this is now around the corner waiting to get us **** sigh ****.

As I said, we are all very bored of this.

7 thoughts on “Bored of This

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Where in the world do you buy rugs? I have to get them off the internet (thankfully I’ve got a couple of really good sites I keep going back to for these things). Lucky if you can get them right away where you are living.

    Yes; your little one looks adorable. Too cute – better keep on eye on him or someone will whisk him off to their house! MMR

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I’m amazed at how clean Albie has kept his rug!! He does look sweet but lovely little Newt looks like he could do with a special made-to-measure one! It’s doing it’s job which is the main thing. Hope the worst of the weather has passed by and that it isn’t followed by feet of snow!

  3. Sam

    Albie looks very, very smart in his rug. Newt looks fed up with the mud. How are the other Minions doing?
    In New England, we are dealing with Round Three of Artic temps. Even the Maine Coons are tired of snuggling…

  4. May

    Hope your migraine is better. They really suck.

    Heh, but the days are getting longer. Spring is coming…


  5. diane in northern wis

    OOh those are some nasty storm clouds you pictured Frances. Glad to hear that everybody is doing ok except for the one rug that was ruined in the storm. Hope it all blows over very soon and that you can show us sunshiny pics again!

  6. Louise Stopford

    The mud does look horrendous – poor little Newt. I really would want to bring them all inside and keep them warm and cosy. Glad you ‘weathered’ the storm and in spite of these awful wintery conditions everyone looks as if they are coping OK. We have got high winds expected today with sleet and rain and perhaps even snow here in Cheshire. Oh roll on Summer!!!!


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