Watching You!

We had a sprinkling of snow.  Nothing much to write home about but still, snow is snow.

The food (big piles of silage) was out and everyone was doing what we call in our house “lovely sharing”.

In fact, when I see the boys play together, I know they are coping very well for this time of year and are happy.

And so I went carefully outside with my camera to make the most of the light.  Snow also makes everything look far less grotty and muddy until it melts and then we are back to square one again.

Newt’s eyes are responding to treatment and I am pleased with their progress.

The old goob has left behind a nasty trail but it will soon disappear.  I clean them regularly with cold tea.

Albie and Newt now stay in the field at the top by themselves.

The endless mud makes them very miserable and at least when they are in this field, they can always get away from it.

Delia will join them tomorrow and then this three will be moved to a small paddock around the back – far away from Efstur and Taktur’s loving gaze and/or lecherous thoughts.

When I watch Delia move, I am starting to suck my teeth.  This is a bad sign.  She is deteriorating now.

Delia spent last winter with Albie and Newt so she knows them well and I will see if having her home helps.

Meanwhile, wherever I go, eyes follow me.

In the kitchen I keep a box for kitchen veg scraps and peelings.  I dish them out fairly.  Today Haakon had a banana skin, Iacs had a cauliflower stalk and the rest had carrots pieces.

They are handsome eyes, though.

2 thoughts on “Watching You!

  1. Linda

    Just beautiful with the snow – and I love that windblown photo of Albie!
    I’m sorry to hear about Delia (Time comes for us all…) Sounds like she’s a real trooper…


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