New Field

The rain has done a little good. We still need much more, though.  The ground is very dry and the grass is not growing nearly well enough.

Having eaten down their field, we moved the ponies to the next door field that has more grass but when we visited we could see they were not happy there. I decided it was because they couldn’t reach the stream.  The banks are too high and the ponies wouldn’t climb down to get to the water.  Every other pony has managed before.  So we opened the gate back to their old field and they all galloped up to their watering place on the same stream and had a long drink.  I felt awful. I should’ve realised.

So now the ponies have two fields.  One to eat and relax in.

And their next door field to get water from.  We have left the gate open.

Yesterday they were in the second field – the one with the grass.

Today, when Floss did the visit, they were all in their old field.

So it is good to know the ponies know what they want and can get it.

So all is well.  Everyone has what they want.

3 thoughts on “New Field

  1. Louise Stopford

    Clever ponies – they know what they want and need. We have hardly any grass at the moment in Cheshire. It is all brown and burnt as we haven’t had rain for such a long time. Your climate seems much better at the moment. So hot and sticky here – feel sorry for all the little animals. Never thought I’d say that living in Reddish as it usually does nothing BUT rain!!


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