I am entering two fleeces to our local show’s Shetland Wool classes but to do this they have to be presented properly.

A friend came visiting last week and I mentioned my ambitions to her.  She instantly suggested an expert, Harold Moffatt in Aith, who could do this for me.

So, bearing my two fleeces, I drove round to meet Mr Moffatt.

And expert he was too. It was fascinating and I learned a lot.

He showed me his own sheep’s beautiful white fleeces and what the judges look for in the competition.

I then showed him ‘Ster’s katmoget pile of wool.

Although not in the same league as Mr Moffatt’s fleeces, I am hoping we might have some crimp in there.  Though, to be perfectly honest, I am not sure about ‘Bert’s fleece and there was absolutely no point in mentioning Lambie’s “carpet-quality” wool.

Then on my way home, I went via Sandness to look at the ponies.  They were fine.  It had been raining and the ground desperately needs it.

The swimming sheep was around but in a different place this time.

I had never seen her there before.


When she walked out of the loch, I wanted to see just how wet her fleece was.

It was extraordinary – she didn’t seem to mind one bit and wasn’t particularly wet either.

She was a nice sheep and not afraid of me – more of a girl on a mission!

4 thoughts on “Woolly

  1. Janet ainsworth

    I’m smiling as I write this…swimming sheep…helpful folk and ponies….ah..perfect Sunday reading

  2. Terri

    Swimming Sheep Lady has a very nice smile! If I understand correctly, the hill/scattald sheep have owners — are they sheared once a year? Look at the crimps near her lower belly! — maybe because she’s wet. She looks as if she’s found a good way to cool down or take a relaxing bath (and perhaps snack at the same time). Thanks for sharing. Good luck in the competition!


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