At Thordale

A friend came over for the afternoon so we walked around the fields and we introduced her to our herd.

Kappi and Klængur live in the Fatty Field during the daytime.  They both don’t need anymore grass.

Kæengur wanted to see if Flossie was carrying anything potentially edible.

Then down to the youngsters’ field where the grass is.

There was some hopeful mugging from Dreki.  He has grown huge.

Meanwhile, the old men looked on very unimpressed.

Then over the hill to see the ladies.

They are currently co-habiting with Taktur, our stallion.

At the moment the girls are keeping Taktur very much at hoof’s length.

The ladies don’t care but the poor boy is very unimpressed and misses his fun-loving guys.

As usual BeAnne pootled along with us.

Tomorrow first thing I go to hospital for my epidural steroid injections.  Last time I said never again, but I am in so much agony now (I could barely walk this morning) that I have agreed to it.


9 thoughts on “At Thordale

    1. Frances Post author

      I am not good on rough ground but I managed and it was worth it to see everyone in their environs.

  1. M in NC

    Much good luck with the procedure tomorrow.
    I am guessing that BeAnne will keep you company, but what about the Monster? Is he a good nurse, or will he just be looking for a comfortable spot to take over?

    Love all your photos. Its so strange to see anyone wearing a jacket in July 🙂
    The heat is on in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. We had a small break for 2 days, but summer is back!.
    (and its dry here too).

  2. Terri

    Best of luck for tomorrow’s procedure — fingers and toes crossed! I’m happy you were abe to get out and about in the fields today. Movement helps me, but of course everyone’s back problem is different. Yours sounds especially painful and debilitating. Take care! xx

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Will be thinking about you tomorrow – hope the result is worth the awfulness of the treatment! Your ginger boys seem to be especially ginger at the moment! Lovely photographs – I particularly liked Dreki’s yawn.

  4. m. Colleen McNamara

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I feel for you. Yep sometimes an amble around helps , but like you say it has to be on even ground.
    Hope Beanne and monster take good care of you while you are resting.
    Warmest wishes,

  5. Louise Stopford

    The horses all look in fabulous condition – all enjoying the Shetland summer no doubt. Good luck for tomorrow, hope all goes well and you can eventually get some relief. Best wishes.


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