My Wee Shed

I spend most afternoons in my little shed.  Sometimes I have visitors.

And sometimes Monster can leave his sofa.  Not often, though.

And lately, because tis the season, I have visitors who want to show me that I probably hadn’t noticed that they had been missing all morning a-hunting the bunny rabbitses that call to them!

I am not cross. Just pleased BeAnne is living a happy life.

Currently my animation table is set up for plants. I found a bag full of different old seed packets and decided to plant the lot out in seperate seed trays to see what happened.  Half, so far, have sprouted.

I also have two tomato plants which are still alive (for me, this is considered a miracle).  I am not, however, holding my breath on actually seeing a real tomato.

I also am having a shot at hydroponics with a variegated Tradescantia.  I did originally have a repotted aloe vera plants hanging from the ceiling in jam-jars (similar to the hydroponic set-up to look at but with earth) but the cup-hooks were not strong enough and one dropped on my head so I took the rest down before I suffered concussion.

My gardening is based on luck rather than judgement and possibly, in retrospect, some bad decisions!

Anyway, life goes on.  I continue to love weird and wonderful tea and drink copious amounts in the afternoon (possibly while fending off rogue jam jars with aloe vera).

And I still make sheep just in case because you never know, life may go back to normal one day.

4 thoughts on “My Wee Shed

  1. van den Berg Gail

    Love your post, sent to me by my sister in California, to whom I sent the one about “You never walk alone.”

    Your aloe might be more vigorous if given more sun/closer to a window. At least you l HAVE sun this time of year??

    The sheep is, of course, adorable. I hope you have some of the curly wool????? Oh, and I’m sure you caught that I’m a city girl calling the sheep a herd when they are really flocks, like birds. Does that mean sheep can fly?

  2. Kris

    That Aloe in front of the ocean photo looks like a giant octopus reaching out to touch the waves.

    Cool. 🙂


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