A Little Drive

Not much to write today. Daisy and I trimmed and rasped Minion feet all morning – today it was Newt and Silver’s turn.  I forgot to take photos of us being hassled by small “helpers”.

And then as it was Sunday afternoon, I went on a Sunday afternoon drive.  Not far, though – I wanted to photograph the roadside flowers.  What with this lockdown, the verges have not been cut and it is lovely.  Happy bees too.

This is someone’s allocated peat bank with the last of this winter’s peat having been cut. Once dried out, the peat will be taken home, stacked, stored and used when needed.

On my meander, I found the water lilies were out in a few of the lochs.  I have a real thing for water lilies. I love them.


However, the light was not good – it has rained on and off all day – so I drove home and walked over to see the old men, or rather the rotund old men.

Who are you calling rotund?

No one wanted to talk – just eat.  The wild flowers are amazing in their field.  I am not riding Klængur as often as I want to as his back feet are unshod (farrier next week) so I don’t want him to be sore.

Haakon is on a day off today.

Mr Bimble!

So that’s me for today.  Sorry it is a boring blog but that’s the way it is some days. My life is not full of excitement and actually that’s fine by me!

12 thoughts on “A Little Drive

  1. Kerry

    Not the slightest bit boring!
    And thanks for pointing out the water lilies: they weren’t out last time we were up that way, so will have to go have a look.
    And sometimes Sundays are just for bimbling- sounds like you’ve had a great bimble day

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Whilst I love all the photos, no matter of what or of whom, those Water Lillies remind me of a Monet painting. Well done for just ambling around and taking photos!

  3. Karen Branyan

    Hi Francis. Can you send your little wooly sheep to the States? I would like to order one . I do look forward to your posts.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, of course. I send sheep to the US very often. The postage is not bad (actually I was surprised at the price – very reasonable).

  4. diane in northern wis

    That’s fine by me too, Frances. Today you have given us beautiful pics of your surroundings, great pics of the beautiful horses. gorgeous water lilies and always fun dialogue. Thanks for all you do. I love your blog!

  5. Shelley

    Although I enjoy all of your horse photos, I like best when you show us around Shetland. I’m not a photographer but I always find cloudy days to be very good for taking flower photos. I think the water lily pics are lovely.

    Also, I’m going to use the peat photo as a watercolor exercise – all those shadows and the texture!

  6. Gaina

    Your blogs are not boring at all, they’re gentle and that’s why I enjoy them.
    I don’t know why but I was surprised to see water lilies on a Loch.


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