Visiting Old Stomping Ground

Haakon left his friends first thing this morning to wait patiently for me in an easy-access little paddock.  We were going on an adventure.

The horse-van was packed and Haakon loaded easily (which makes a change from the horse that deliberately kicked out every light on every trailer for the last twenty years while objecting to being loaded).

We drove off – just me and my horse and went to Sandness.

I could immediately see that Haakon knew exactly where he was.

This was his old stomping ground.  Even though he hasn’t been here for many years (possibly ten), Haakon knew.  He most definitely knew.  This was the place where he lived 20 plus years ago, and where I first backed and trained him.

We tacked up, Hoof boots all on, mounted and set off.

My friend, who lives here, was riding her horse too and we were going out for a sedate plod around the village.

I didn’t need the reins. Haakon remembered everything.  This was how I trained him all those years ago.

We enjoyed the scenery.  It was very familiar to us.

What a lovely ride. Haakon refused to be anywhere but in the front and he enjoyed every minute of it, as did I.

Then he loaded like a dream – it has only taken 26 years to achieve this nirvana.

And back home, with an apple for a treat and some TurmerAid in case he was stiff later (he had his routine dose for breakfast). This was a very special morning with my best boy and yes I do love Klængur but Haakon is, well, just Haakon really and I never thought we would have this again.

11 thoughts on “Visiting Old Stomping Ground

  1. Cathy

    How lovely to read this, and how wonderful that he remembers and was so pleased to be back. I may need a hankie.

  2. Margaret Robinsoon

    Sometimes those “special” moments just happen when least expected. You’ll remember this ride forever. Haakon must have known where you were going, so acted like the gentleman he can be.

  3. diane in northern wis

    What a marvelous dream of a day for you and Haakon. Your post makes me smile from ear to ear. And wasn’t it so cool that he remembered everything from long before. and then for a bonus, he loaded so well for you. A perfect day!

  4. Christine

    Bliss. Don’t you just love a day when all good things come converge. The Viking gods (and goddesses) were smiling down on you and Haakon.


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