My Studio

Yesterday morning a van and trailer with the builder.

And then some more help.

My she-shed/studio/wee nook is being built.

I am very excited.  Progress is happening.

Meanwhile the Boyzenberries were almost hysterical with all the activity.   One thing I have learned this weekend is that sheep hate change.

To quote Sheldon from BBT “Change is never fine. They say it is, but it’s not.”  That’s exactly how the Boyzens were about yesterday’s van, trailer and new folk so I let them (the sheep, not the men) out to go into the hill to get over themselves.

They quickly vanished coming home only in the afternoon when all was quiet again.

Today I put the Boyzens in their field which they quickly objected to as I managed to shut the gate before they realised and ran out again.  It seemed for the best.

This is my shed, so far, today.  Exciting times ahead.

While it was being built, I went into my makeshift studio/stable and put together this little creation.


14 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. Margaret Robinson

    That’s weird; I could not get the video until I went to the “Comments”. Something about going through the web and not picking it up on Outlook, I suspect.

    However, it was sweet and you’re getting better and better!!!! Love the new “wee nook” (like that term better than she shed, but you call it whatever you want). The Boyzens are funny and have their ways (a sheep thing, I guess).

  2. Celeste

    How exciting, to be finally getting your very own creative space! Wonderful! And I love your wobbly crows. The sheeples will get over it.

  3. Michelle

    I am thrilled for you, and love that it is being built into the stone ruins! Love the blue, too, and the great, big window for natural light. What a great Christmas this is for you!

  4. diane in northern wis

    How wonderful that you are getting a fine work space! Can’t wait to see more of your great videos. Loved the crows today too! I understand the sheep… a lot of animals…they are nervous with new people and sounds and commotion around. Once everybody has cleared out, they’ll get used to things pronto! Enjoy watching the rest of your special space materialize!

  5. Carol E.

    How exciting! The nook is awesome, and starting with a rock exterior and foundation certainly makes the project move along quickly. Mark me jealous! The crows are delightful.

  6. Terri

    Delighted for you! I’m happy you wedged your wee nook into the ruins of a croft (or outbuilding?) — how romantic. You will make it your own. I’m pretty sure the sheeples will always be welcome. How will you heat it? Love the Wobbly Crows!


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