Carrots For All

Floss and I drove over to check on our Icelandic lady-herd.  These ladies are looking good and happily eating down their field.  We will move them over to Leradale in a few weeks once they have made a clean plate of this park.

Floss had two carrots each in her pockets ready to be distributed to the always-grateful.

Afterwards, we grabbed a big bucket of little carrots (we had to hide them from the ladies) that had been generously donated for distribution to the Minions.

No one needed asking twice if they liked little carrots.

Floss threw them everywhere for equal shares all round.

And they were quickly snaffled up with few arguments.

In fact, some needed convincing that the bucket was truly empty.

It had to be checked by everyone because you never know.  There might just be that teensy-tiny carrot in the corner that was missed.

In the end, fed up of being mugged, Floss gave them the bucket to examine for themselves.

The ponies were all in very good spirits and looking happy, fat and furry.  No worries there.  Always good.

1 thought on “Carrots For All

  1. Terri

    Brave Flossie! The empty bucket must be carrot-scented! I forget how small the Minions really are till I see them next to a 2-legged person, which provides perspective. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend….


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