All in the Lighting

When you are all having a rest and no one is judging.

Your feeling fat and pregnant (except for Lilja).

And your daughter looks like a super-model.

But you manage a close-up and making sure you have a fat friend standing behind but in shot.

And you know it is all really in the lighting.

Some of us are unimpressed especially at being called The Fat Friend.

Really?  Fat?

Ha ha ha.

Girlfriend, you should look in the mirror.

Just because she thinks she is boss. I’ll show her.

Did you just stick your tongue out behind my back?  Did you? I know you did. Don’t think I don’t.

Those old wimmin are funny.


6 thoughts on “All in the Lighting

  1. Carol E.

    Great photos capturing Shetland’s magical light the the dames’ personalities. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    You’re photos are always great, but your “editing” is hilarious! Another lovely day in Shetland; lucky you and yours!!


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