My Nemesis

There are a few things I hate in life. My daughters know this list.

Like –  trotting downhill, wet cotton wool left on the side of the basin, head collars with the cheek bit undone, all bridle straps not in their keepers, the word “moist”, liars, but today it is wet sand on horses or ponies.  It makes me feel very creepy-crawly.

I can’t go near a horse covered in wet sand and I think my lot know this and made the most of my loathing.


Wet sand in my hair…..


Wet sand never becomes dry sand…..


You can’t hug anyone with wet sand, ever.


Except maybe Storm as he wasn’t quite covered in it and always looks in desperate need of a hug from his Mum.


So my herd all made the most of my hatred and insisted in coming in from the rain to roll in the indoor school.  It makes me feel all crunchy and itchy when I see them.


So to distract myself from this phobia, I went outside to take photos of show-jumping sparrows instead!


So much easier.  Ugh, wet sand!  It is my Nemesis.

3 thoughts on “My Nemesis

  1. Terri

    I’m so happy the worst thing you have to complain about today is wet sandy equines, considering the events of the past coupla weeks!


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