Improvements all round

Lambie-borghini is doing so much better today.  I was woken this morning by a small bleat and went downstairs to find he was standing up on his own and very hungry.

His walking is almost running, he is inquisitive and chatty.  The lower door of the oven is open, not to entice him in for Sunday lunch!  Lambie is still a heat missile but there is a cold wind outside and I would rather he practiced walking in the warm kitchen.

So, a huge improvement – phew, what a relief.  It was touch and go for a time.


Loki is very good.  No snapping, no nothing.  He is wary of Lambie but he has not tried anything.  He is still chaperoned.


BeAnne is bored of Lambie.  He gets all the attention and she wants his bed.  There is sulking.


Wu is Wu.  What lamb?  They don’t talk.  Probably just as well really.


Lambie, of course, is enchanting with such beautiful eyelashes.  It is difficult to get the poo off his face and I work at it, a little at a time with the coconut oil.  Any suggestions?  It is rock hard now.


So that is indoors.  Outdoors, a certain little chap has really come out of himself. Spring is in the air and the hormones are rising!

Storm and Tiddles play endlessly.  They are the best of friends and these games go on all day.  I am surprised anyone has any knees, teeth or mane left.

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Does anyone else think that Tiddles might be bigger than Storm now?


13 thoughts on “Improvements all round

  1. Deb Twomey

    Definitely Excalibur for the poo. I use it on all difficult poo stains and hardened on poo. I do say Tiddles is no longer the smallest.

  2. Karen

    Oh dear, poor Lambie…if it was a fleece I would be soaking it in hot water and fairy liquid…not really an option for his little face! Tiddle’s rump certainly looks bigger than Storm’s, but then he is very fluffy, so who knows?

  3. Vivienne

    Good to see all the boys doing so well. Dried sheep poop is second only to diamond on the Mohs scale, but you might try coconut oil, left to soak in, then a nit comb….or a good vigorous rub with a towel soaked with baby shampoo and water.

  4. Rebecca Final

    Sooo happy about Lambie. BeAnne is, as always, adorable in her terrierness. And to see Tiddles so full of himself is very cute. Love the ‘up on the hindfeet’ shots. Looks like things are well on your farm at the moment,
    but we all know that with animals there is always a new adventure around the corner.

  5. Terri

    Happy news about Lambie-b! (thanks to antibiotics and your vigilant oversight) Will you get to keep him? :)))
    So relieved that Storm and Tiddles bonded and are now playmates .
    “Tra la, it’s May…!”

  6. Sumiko Keay

    So glad to hear of Lambie’s improvements.

    And Tiddles does look like he might be bigger than Storm or at least the same size.

  7. Rhonda Lane

    Glad things are on the upswing for Lambie and Minions. Tiddles may look larger because his cute lil tushie could be closer to the camera? That photo is my only frame of reference for their sizes, but you may be onto something … .

  8. Linda

    So much of what you’re describing about Lambie reminds me of your early days with Tiddles…and look how’s he’s turned out! There’s some kind of magic you’re working with them, Frances!

    And the only advice I can think of about the poo on Lambie’s face, is maybe to warm whatever you’re going to use, so it softens the poo?

  9. Tyche's Minder

    Go Tiddles!

    Last resort, you could just snip off the offending crusted tips. I sure hope you’re planning on keeping the little guy. He’ll be a great blog star. 🙂


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