My Little Treasures

My little treasures are coming along well.  They have wintered well.


Cheeky is their middle name.  All of them.


Tiddles is beginning to play, even with the big ones!  I saw him take on Klængur today and then realise he was a bit out of his depth.  Klængur was kind to him and indulged his new behaviour and it was wonderful to watch.  I think Tiddles will be unstoppable once he gets going.  Watching him gallop full-pelt across the field after the others is like seeing a furry caterpillar being shot out of a canon!


Little Storm has discovered his most favourtist food ever.  He loves sugar beet (soaked) on its own.  He would eat buckets and buckets of it.  I am not so sure that is such a good idea but he gets it as a treat and now has a very sticky face, like someone in the sweet shop.


Waffle remains very handsome and an absolute darling.


He is good teacher and a very easy little pony to work with.  Bless him for his grown-up-ness.


So that is an update on The Minions.  They are all very well and very integrated with their herd.  No one has told them they are little boys.  They are just the same size as everyone else.


What is it about The Minions?  I just want to hug them and pet them and squeeze them and call them George forever!



3 thoughts on “My Little Treasures

  1. Rebecca Final

    Lovely, adorable pictures Frances. Love the “love them and squeeze them and call them George” reference. Made me laugh.

  2. Linda

    I forget how small the Minions are, until they stand next to the “big guys” – it’s so cute to see them there, hanging with their bigger friends. And kudos to those big guys for their kindness!


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