Our Last Shetland Ponies

When I popped over yesterday to talk to Hetja and Esja (Day 2 and the nose kisses are going well), I made a detour to see the last of our Shetland pony girls – Lyra, Vitamin and Delia.


They are in need of a brush and some tlc, so I made the decision to bring a brush and do some tidying up today.


I gave Delia (Millhouse Raw Deal – aged 22 years old) a good brush and she was very appreciative.


We had a lovely chat and a cuddle.  What a gentle old soul – I have always adored her.  She was one of our best mothers.

BN2A4836  BN2A4840

She is really showing her age now and I just wish she had a better podgy bottom.

BN2A4844 BN2A4845

Next it was Vitamin’s turn.  She is both Lyra and Indy’s (our last stallion, now sold) 20 year old mother.  I gave her a good brush and she was fairly co-operative.  She has wintered well and looks good.  I wish Delia could look this portly.


Lyra lives with her mother as Vitamin had two dead foals before she had Lyra and she loves her more than anything.   Daisy also loves Lyra so she is going nowhere.


Sadly, Lyra loves only Daisy and refused to let me brush her.  She could do with her tail being trimmed as well but, as she would not let me near her, I will leave this chore to her owner (Daisy).  I refuse to run round after Lyra when she is not being helpful.  She managed to walk just a few inches away from my outstretched hand.


She also made “The Face”, as in the “I hate you, because you’re not Daisy” look.  Oooh she is a brat when she wants to be.


3 thoughts on “Our Last Shetland Ponies

  1. Pat

    Oh, I know those ‘I hate you’ faces so well! My Shettie gelding pulls them, too. I must say though that his are even more hateful! He’s such a loving soul but doesn’t like being ‘nagged’ and that is what he deems as acceptable behaviour on his part!


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