My Idea of Normal

Well I did it, though The Fates conspired against me.  

  • The car didn’t start (jump started from the neighbour’s car),
  • the Co-Op refused my credit card so I had to go to the Bank to sort that out,
  • my cabin on the ferry had a broken DVD player – I have never even been in a cabin with a dvd player, let alone have one that broke
  • the ferry then died and was delayed by 4 hours so I had to change the taxi time and worry all night whether we would get in for my appointment.

I realise all these things are small, but they began to build up, so bearing all this in mind, I arrived at Orthopaedic Out-Patients a gibbering wreck.  Just don’t ask.  I can’t talk about it but I was not myself and I never want a repeat of that again.

Anywho, after that, I phoned for a taxi and went to find some normality, ie John Lewis.  My childhood was spent at John Lewis so it seemed the obvious choice for me to go there.


I just pootled about, regaining some sense of sanity.


Then, I pottered through the two malls that are huge and saw this amazing cupcake Barbie dress, which brought a smile to my face.


I did some wafting to smell less of my previous sheer panic!


Aberdeen rushed past me at a million miles an hour, both materialistically and vehicularly (the blue boat is the ferry I was going to come home on).


It was hot so I sought my oasis at the Apple Store where I was met by a tall spotty yoof who asked me what I wanted.  When I requested to look at the iPhones, he just grunted in the direction and I could see him write me off as an old woman who knew nothing.  I was over-heating, cross and not my best but thoroughly tempted to go and zap straight off to their major data banks and reprogram them with a very large axe!

Instead, I picked up my bags and shuffled off to the boat.


I had a peaceful journey home accompanied by Floss and two of her friends.  They are all recovering from their Advanced Highers.  So far, they have been introduced to Fivla (Floss’ pony)…..


….and have also been thoroughly Zooted.


Gosh, I am glad to be home.  Yesterday, was unspeakable.  I need to think **** sigh ****.


Oh well, have some horses and ponies (pics by me and Anna).  This is my idea of normal.  Not Aberdeen.

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9 thoughts on “My Idea of Normal

  1. Charlotte Robertson

    Hi Frances, long live John Lewis. Glad you are home. Sorry about the stupid boat breaking down, resulting in a Frances melt down. WINE O’ CLOCK! XXX

  2. Nicky Callam

    Even in the busy south east of England my normal is like your normal! My horses are now out at night so happily chomping as I sit here with a glass of wine looking out on the South Downs. The noisiest thing I can hear is OH weeding!

    I hope Bozz Bozz is thriving. What a pity our grass would be too rich for him to come here to be a companion for Lola – although at under three months old she is probably already taller than him.

  3. Anna's mom

    I am glad you are safely home from your ordeal.

    I was amused to see the new verb–“to be Zooted” — I can see it will enjoy a long and happy usage!

  4. Karen

    Glad you are home safely and hopefully the meds side of the trip went well for you. Love your normal….

  5. Rhonda Lane

    Glad you’re home again mellowing out with the ponies. That Apple dude must have spent too much time bellied up to the Genius Bar. (Do they still have those? Or is that too 2010? I’m a Droid girl, so I don’t know.) Your blog is always a pleasure to visit. I hope you’re healing up well.


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