A Walk Around Leradale

It was such a nice day, yesterday, that I took a camera with me when I went to check on the two herds of horses and ponies that live away from home.

Leradale is left alone for half the year so it can become the perfect grazing for the Icelandic lady herd and the Minion herd in the winter months.  I don’t worry about them and wandering around Leradale in the Shetland winter sunshine is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

In the upper field, where the Icelandic ladies are, is an old derelict crofthouse.

I would truly love to live here – the house obviously needs doing up but it is a secret dream of mine.  One day.

After doing the necessary checks, hugging and dishing out of carrots, BeAnne and I set off for our walk around the croft.  It is always good to check the boundaries.

I feel truly happy and relaxed when I am at Leradale.  It feels like home.

I try to imagine how the Neolithic folk lived, what they did and how they felt. You can feel their existence, like they are on the edge of your eyesight, if that makes sense.

Nothing had been disturbed.  Everything was still the same.

As BeAnne and I wended our way back to the car, the Shetlands spotted us.

As did Lilja.

The Gods smiled when I bought Leradale.  It is my happy place.

7 thoughts on “A Walk Around Leradale

  1. Janet ainsworth

    When you mentioned the Neolithic people who had lived there…I was reminded that we really are only here for the ‘blink of an eye’…custodians of these islands we call home…never truly owning the land not the sea

  2. Margaret Robinson

    What a truly beautiful piece of land that comes with a house (no matter how derelict). Lucky you and lucky fur children. BeAnne is looking like she nows how fortunate it is to live where she does, but I’m not quite understanding her desire to swim in such frigid water!!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s of a very special place. How far away is Leradale from where your home is? Sounds like you would love to live there. Perhaps one day you can build a house there. I am very envious of you owning all that land. Gosh BeAnne is very brave going swimming in this cold weather.

  4. Terri

    I am entranced by Leradale. I hope someday you can realize your dream of living there. Perhaps some of us on t’other side of t’pond could row over and help you “do it up”? Many hands make light work. (it is said)
    In the meantime, it is yours to dream about — and, yes, it totally makes sense about the lingering presence of the Neolithic folk! A beautiful, mystical place. Lucky you.

  5. Diane

    I love your pictures and would love to live in that house. It would be a lot of work to fix it up but so worth it in the end.


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