Yesterday it rained and rained and rained and …… well, you get the picture. It rained a lot.  Torrential at times and I ran out of coats and almost clothes.

And with the rain came the mud.  It was revolting and I couldn’t keep the Waffle, Storm, Tiddles and Albie like that.  They were cowering in their little shed as it was the only hard-standing available.  Tiddles was shaking.  I had to lug their buckets into the shed for them to eat during the day.  It wasn’t fair on them.  They were miserable and I felt awful.

So I opened the gates.

There isn’t much grass, if any to be perfectly honest now, in the surrounding field. The others did a very good job.

And they didn’t need asking twice and were so happy to rejoin the herd.

No one should live like this. I would’ve reported myself to the “cruelty man”.  It is hard work to walk through.  One day of rain too, albeit a lot.

And they are so happy.

Lots of whizzing around, giggling and annoying their friends.

Vitamin and Fivla are in the next door field as there is more grass there and I don’t want them on a diet.  Vitamin pushed passed me when I had the gate very slightly open so I just added Fivla for company.

I’ve lugged the wooden hayboxes into the field too and, as there is actually very little grass-grazing, they are eating from them too.

I’m glad the ponies are moved.  I worried so much when they were incarcerated and, if laminitis occurs again (seriously, on this?), then I will shove them back into the hopefully dried out bare earth, though sometimes mud, bit.  Fingers crossed I won’t have to.

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