Still Four

We still have four Muscovy ducklings, so I am very proud of Mummy-Duck. She is doing a great job.  It’s just a pity she is such baggage to me.

She even flew me from one end of the shed to say stay away, but get on with bringing the food and water that I change twice a day, including a small very shallow swimming pool.  Not even a thank you.

But it is lovely to see the ducklings walking around now, getting braver by the day.

I took the unhatched egg away (probably why Mother Duck hates me so much), using a “grabby hand” leftover from my foot in plaster days.  We keep everything.  It might be useful and it was.

I don’t mind the ingratitude but I do mind being attacked.  Hopefully Mother Duck will see that I am only interested in a brief head-count and to exchange the food and water for fresh.

I haven’t mentioned Family Duck are sharing their shed with an old cooker.  Maybe I should and she might be a bit nicer to me (not that I would ever eat one of my ducks but she doesn’t know that).

5 thoughts on “Still Four

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Those little ducklings are such sweet little things-; even if just for a short while how wonderful. However, that’s one angry looking mama duck, especially in the first photo.

    Good on you for taking care of all these critters. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.


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