Much Better

This morning, I went out to look for Albie and Newt to give them a special hug and some carrots that I just happened to have about my person.

I was met by this pair of reprobates waiting at the gait from our garden to the field – Efstur and Hjalti

Of course I had to share the contents of my pocketses.

Albie and Newt were not far away.

They came up for a chat, the requisite hug and I gave them their carrot ration (now slightly depleted) as well.


Albie is still a bit fretful and hysterical (read, highly strung) and he would not let me walk further away to take a better photo.  I had a small needy equine attachment.

I think he really suffered over at Leradale.  I have no idea why Vitamin bullied them unmercifully.  It was completely unacceptable.  We are trying to work out if she had met them before last year or in the summer.  I am not sure.

Anyway, there is no fighting, arguing or bullying now.

Albie is not scared and nervous around the big horses and that is the most important thing.  He has a tenuous grasp on life and reality at the best of times so “normal” is what he needs.

This set-up is not quite what I intended this winter but we will manage.  I saw the horses and ponies all together – all 9 of them in one big herd on the other side of the burn (stream), eating happily together.  No stress, no teeth, no aggro – just heads down eating the last of the Shetland grass.

5 thoughts on “Much Better

  1. Terri

    Poor, dear Albie — orphaned so young — no wonder he’s sensitive. Bless you for caring for him and for continuing to protect him. And Newt too. And all the others who need special attention. If I could send a ton of carrots, I would!

  2. Darby

    poor little guys, I am glad the current arrangement is working out for them. they are so fortunate to have you as their mom. wish I could give them a hug and some carrots .

  3. Sherry Walter

    Sometimes there’s no accounting for it. I have two older mares, they’ve lived here for some 10 or 12 years in the company of a mini donkey. You’d think two old ladies could coexist peacefully but no, they do not like each other, they have never liked each other, they will never like each other. They don’t get into physical altercations but I got so tired of the ugly faces over the hay feeder I put a barricade up so they can’t even look at each other!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Awww, I love that little Albie…..bless his heart. Please give him lots of hugs and carrots … in that order. Share some with Newt too. Such sweet, trusting animals.


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