Emergency Dash to Town

We fed our last bale of hay to the horses this morning – because of the harsh weather over the past few days, we used more than we’d anticipated.

This morning I jumped into the van, having checked there was a good supply of hay in town first, only to find again that the van was dead.  The battery.  So, once jump-started, off I hobbled, equipped with jump-leads just in case!

My first stop in town was the garage who kindly checked the battery and replaced it.  I even got to see my old car – the one that died in England a few months’ back when I was visiting my mother. It is still lives at the garage with its undiagnosed mystery problems. *** sigh ***.

Then off to the hay merchants.

I waited in a queue gazing at my quarry.

It was very cold.

The van was filled to the brim with the request of “as many as you can, please”. I got 18 bales.  Happy days.

Feeling much relieved, and far better equipped for this winter weather, I drove home, stopping to take a photo of Whiteness Voe looking stunning.

Definitely an equine version of a pot of gold in my van.

With a nasty snow-storm on the way, we got home safely and I am having a nice well-earned cup of tea.


8 thoughts on “Emergency Dash to Town

  1. Dona

    “Dash” to town is quite a drive from your house! What a challenge on those roads. Beautiful photos & interesting hay bales. Ours are twice as high & very green from Alfalfa. Lucky horses Having you for a mom! Glad you were able to get a battery & stay safe.

  2. Sam

    “Dash” might be a dangerous move with that storm approaching. Glad you made it to town and back home safely. Any thoughts on your car’s issues?

    1. Frances Post author

      Apparently it might be the computer brain. I honestly don’t mind. The Toyota garage are doing their utmost best. It is under warranty so there will be no bill. I could not ask for more.

  3. darby callahan

    I had to have my car battery unexpectedly replaced as well. now feeling relieved. what a stunning photo! are you experiencing shortages of hay on Shetland, we are here in the Eastern US.

  4. Jayne

    Winter feed must be a constant worry, given all of it has to be brought onto the island in the first place. Well done for getting stocked up.


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