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I went out and about today, helping some friends.

I met this amazing turkey (and yes, I do miss my Mr Twizzler but this chap was just as impressive).


Then I spied this little guy.  He was a lovely little yearling mini.  The same age as Tiddles but twice as cheeky.


I did not pass up the opportunity to have a snog, a chat and a hug.  I had to physically stop myself from hiding him about my person and smuggling off the premises.


Now this, in my opinion, is the best environment for a Shetland pony.


The field was huge and after one shout, lots of mini mares came cantering towards us with enthusiasm.

BN2A7442 BN2A7466

The very definition of cupboard love – not to chat with us, but to eat huge quantities of silage.


So, feeling very relaxed whilst listening to the gentle sound of munching and the odd-bird calling, I took photos and thought that life could not get any better.


I sent this photo off to my resident bird expert who told me it was, in his opinion, a twite (Carduelis flavirostris).  The Shetland name is Lintie.

From the RSPB website – “The twite is a small, brown finch closely related to the linnet, but with a longer tail and stubbier bill. Its back is tawny, heavily streaked with dark brown, and is white below with dark-brown streaks on its flanks. The rump is pink on males but brown on females. Like the linnet, it feeds on seeds year-round.”

So this would be a male then.


I love days like this.  Other folks’ ponies are charming and I realise that, even if I never breed or show another Shetland pony again, I still can enjoy being around these funny little equines.


2 thoughts on “More Out and About

  1. Rebecca Final

    So many lovely ponies on your island. I love the pic of the herd coming down to you. So very very cute.

  2. Linda

    I just love those browns – on both the turkey tail feathers and the little yearling.
    What a joy to call out and have all those ponies come running!


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