More Antibiotics

A BeAnne update:

Her Maj is doing ok but obviously not 100% yet.

She is happy, she eats if we all dance the dance but the slight whiff of her bad breath has returned.

So, as others were also noticing and thus confirmed it wasn’t just me being obssessed, I phoned the vet and we decided that BeAnne would go back onto antibiotics again.  Another ten day course to try and nuke the bacteria that are trickling into her liver and causing her liver enzymes to be high, yada, yada.

Of course BeAnne is not keen on pills and any disguise is useless so, as I am still sort of syringing her liver support supplement and hepatic diet into her twice a day, I will add them into that regimen.  She doesn’t get to refuse and she actually doesn’t mind, mostly eating it on her own with the threat of the syringe ready if she stops.  That’s why it is “sort of”.  It all is a dance with added mind games, which do my head in.

Having said that, we are still going for a long walk every day, although grudgingly which I think is the weather being fairly harsh recently. Based on all this, you would think BeAnne has had enough but she is playing.  Really playing like she did when she was a puppy.   She hasn’t played for ages and it is good to see her play.  When she plays, I know life is a game to her and she is still enjoying it – plus us all running around after her.

We remain her slaves.

3 thoughts on “More Antibiotics

  1. Linda

    You’re doing the best you can (BeAnn included) and that’s all that you can do. (Not including the worrying of course).
    I’m so happy to see she’s eating AND playing (!)

    Thank you for the update – prayers said.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Playing ball is my dog’s favourite game but BeAnne is clearly better trained as my young lady won’t drop it when she’s brought it back! She tosses it at you but when you go to pick it up she tries to snatch it back again – I wear gloves when I’m playing with her! I hope the antibiotica crack this nasty bug on its head this time!


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