Behind My Back

Daisy took a photo this morning of the ducks – we now know where they prefer to bathe and, best of all, there’s a queue!  So much for the bath we lovingly made for them which Floss even cleaned and refilled.  That’s not happening again.  The water bucket left out for the sheep is the preferred pond.  And we were wondering why it was always muddy.

So this led to the conversation of “does anyone else have any strange photos”?  Well, the flood gates opened and you can guess who features most.

There is certainly a front paw thing going on too.


Strange doesn’t really describe how odd this cat truly is.

Apparently when Daisy is practising her flute he stands in front and prods her until she stops.

Leaving Monster behind, Daisy also had a lovely photo of her two ginger ninjas taken on a rare day of sunshine.  Apparently there was one, once.

And I managed to catch the herd in Leradale. The only time when Lilja and Sóley are the same height as the Minions!

I love other folk’s family photos – well, photos of my weird and whacky lot anyway.

7 thoughts on “Behind My Back

  1. barbara

    Thanks so much for the smiling inducing pictures – especially appreciated during these uncertain times.

  2. Elva

    Very refreshing to see those pictures of Monster. I have been wondering how he is doing. Please give him my best wishes!!

  3. Linda

    Wonderful family photos – they all made me smile 🙂
    I love that color of the Ginger Ninjas, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat looking as completely comfortable as Monster…

    Thank you!

    P.S. We’re getting sunshine too – once in awhile, in between rain and hail. We almost made it outside with the dog yesterday, then the skies opened.


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