His only best friends!

Yesterday I came across these three reprobates all loafing about.

As you can see, Lambie’s best friends were the chickens.

He is not a huge fan of them, to be perfectly honest, preferring to use them as stepping stones to get to the feed shed while avoiding the mud.  They squawk indignantly and they all look something from the Muppets!

Anywho, the hens love Lambie (but not his awful stained head with antibiotic spray from this year’s horn loss).

Today they had their revenge for being stepped on by pecking his wool to get the hen food out – I guess he is sometimes in the wrong place when OH throw the hen’s breakfast about in the morning.  He was not happy about being pecked.

This is what a cross sheep looks like.

And this is ‘Bert being ever so ‘andsome.  I love it when he sits on his legs. Very compact.

‘Ster turned around to give me one of his lovely smiles.

(such a gorgeous smile, too).

And they all ignored Lambie and left him to his chicken rage.  He has only himself to blame.  He does tread on them unmercilessly. It’s like he doesn’t see them on his way to the shed.

4 thoughts on “His only best friends!

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Love the black and white (both pics and animals)! Lambie is so funny and just doesn’t seem (or care?) to get that walking on the chickens isn’t very nice. How funny they’d peck at him to get the food. I never would have thought.

    1. Frances Post author

      It is a symbiotic relationship. He treads on them. They peck him later. I am just the catalyst!

  2. Linda

    Ah well, to quote an old saying “turnabout is fair play” when it comes to Lambie & the chickens. They can be crochety old ladies when it suits them!
    Very handsome photos of Bert & Ster; I like it too when you see animals with their legs under them; it looks like they’re so comfortable!


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