Riding Again!

Today, I did some lungeing with Dreki – who was a very good boy and wore his saddle and bridle going round and round, while I knitted with the lunge line.  I also stood on a bucket and leant over his back and he just stood there thinking I was obviously crackers!  Dreki is a nice boy to work with. He tries his utter best and is steady and calm while I look like I don’t know what I am doing.  I love him just for that. ❤️

Afterwards, I noticed that Klængur was mooching around by himself in the smaller paddock, so I caught him and led him to the school.

Klængur hasn’t been ridden since last summer when he cut up his hoof. It needed to grow right out. He had also started to spook for no reason which made me wonder about something going on with his back (remember his stallion-like behaviour with Lilja and Soley?).

Meanwhile in the absence of a horse to ride, I had sort of talked myself out of riding too, which I am not proud of.  So, with no reason not to, I tacked Klængur up and just got on.  We walked around on both reins, practising steering and brakes which all seemed to work perfectly.  Once I had dismounted, I gave my ginger ninja a big hug more out of relief.  I hope this is the beginning of our ridden relationship once more.  It used to be fun.


So today was a good day.  I achieved and feel far happier now. I have found my joy.  Yay. Go me!

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