The midges are awful at the moment.  Yesterday was bad so we all sought refuge in my shed to play flute trios.  Lambie arrived to give his opinion on our playing and then spent the rest of the time knocking our music stands over.  He likes our playing but can be a bit destructive and attention seeking.  Of course we forgive him and his Winning Smile works every time.

The evening was more than anyone could stand so I let Lambie into the house. He immediately flopped down on BeAnne’s old bed and went to sleep, exhausted from being consistently plagued.  OH tolerated Lambie’s presence on the grounds that he was truly suffering.


And Lambie did behave himself, standing by the front door when he wanted to go outside for pee.  Luckily there was a bit of a breeze so he went off to join his sheepie friends.

This morning was not much better. Again, everyone was very tired from it all. We sprayed all the horses (and I did the sheep when they had their breakfast) and I hope that gave them some reprieve.

However, this afternoon, I was in my shed making a small Sheeple when Lambie arrived.  He just wanted to escape.  It’s been a very trying day for all of us.  Bloody midges!

Tomorrow might be better.

3 thoughts on “Midges!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    You have all my sympathy! I’m a midgy magnet. I can’t imagine why they were ever invented. Do they serve any iseful purpoe?

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh so sorry to hear about your darned bugs. Yuck. How awful to be constantly irritated by them. does the spray help at all? Hope the breeze helps and that they will be gone soon!


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