Equine Physiotherapy

Yesterday afternoon our equine physio, Uwe Abendroth, came to see his patients – Klaengur, Kappi, Haakon and Iacs.

First up was my boy, Klaengur who has been a bit out of sorts recently (tending to lift his head up and rush off for no apparent reason) and subsequently off work.  I had originally wondered if it was his poorly hoof, had his shoes taken off and stopped riding.  Uwe was my next port of call and he said he wondered if there was a lower back injury due to his unnecessary attention to the ladies.  Hmmm….. possibly.

So he had treatment.

Then Kappi was brought in.  Daisy wanted him seen as he is ridden regularly and getting older.

Haakon next. Last year he struggled in winter – stiffened up and lost weight too.  I wanted him set up to be the best he can. He is 27 years old, after all.

Of course, Lambie popped his head round.

He was rather taken with Uwe which is unlike Lambie.

He can be a bit stand-offish with folk he doesn’t know.

But no, Uwe was his new BFF!

As well as support for Haakon. They like each other.

And lastly Iacs…..

…. who apparently has the body of a horse 8 years younger!  He is a year younger than Haakon.

Iacs loved his treatment.

“oooh, just there, that spot, there!”

So, that’s all good.  We are ready for winter plus Uwe gave me exercises to do with Haakon and Klængur and I shall do my very best with this new regime.  I am really glad they have all been treated.  I feel happier now.

6 thoughts on “Equine Physiotherapy

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Good equine physios are worth their weight in gold! I bet the boys will all feel better for their treatments.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Well how interesting. Good job, Frances, getting all these fine horses looked after by Uwe. Hoping they’ll all do better after this. You’re always right on top of things!

  3. Jayne

    It looks as if Uwe is giving ultrasound treatment? Have you considered a home unit – I bought one a few years back when I had a serious muscle spasm and it was an absolute life saver and has been used many times since. Not expensive compared to physio visits – paid for itself very quickly.
    Mine came from Amazon, here’s a shortened link: https://amzn.to/3BmOqFd
    If that doesn’t work it is called REVITIVE Personal Ultrasound.

  4. Shelley

    So, I thought ultrasound was a detecting devise, not a therapeutic treatment. How do those large pads work to ‘treat’ the horses? I love those last pics of Iacs!


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