Meh! War

I can live with many things.  Some might even say I was a very tolerant and laid-back person, (I can hear my family snorting with disbelief from here). If I thought for one minute that the boys were going to just live happily side by side then I would be content to let them stay in next door fields.


But sadly not.


Ok, I thought, get to know each other and then get back to eating, please.


But they didn’t, did they?


My poor, poor fence and Taktur was obsessed with the little ones.


I went up there to catch either Taktur or Haakon to ride only to find Taktur galloping up and down the fence trying to now jump it.  That really was the last straw.  The colts ran into their little paddock to hide.  They hadn’t actually anticipated the potential arrival of an Icelandic stallion.  Scary stuff.

I can’t let them in together yet.  The colts need to be gelded first or this could happen.


So, I moved the bebbies to a new-to-them field opposite the school.  It has a very effective electric fence and is large enough for them to run around.


The stallion poo-piles might also encourage the appearance of the necessary parts I want to get whipped off!  Two down, one to go.  Just Storm’s to arrive.


So I left the boys exploring.  If it rains and is suddenly cold, I will let them have Duvet Days in their little paddock with the shed.


And as for Taktur.  There are now two fields between him and his disciples so he can bloody well get on with the task of eating.


(Bloody horses.)


2 thoughts on “Meh! War

  1. roberta

    If you think a icelandic is bad try a clydesdale, fortunately its just snuzzle “what ya do’in kid” other than the other day when we led frazer 9.1h up close with them, he promptly bit lommond ne on 18h on the knee, thankfully the big yins are all very tolerant of the wee ones.


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