Lovely Foalios (not mine, sadly)

I love foals.  I do.  I miss the fact that we are not having any (Velvereta and her foal died a few weeks’ back and Verona shows absolutely no sign of looking pregnant).


I was asked to take photos for a Bergli Shetland Pony Stud and there were such nice little bebbies about – both standards and miniatures.


This was the home of the one that we spent hours trying to get to suck a few days’ ago – he is now doing very well.

(I see him as “my little boy”.  So proud – sniff!  He is still lovely).

BN2A7203 BN2A7209 BN2A7223

Look, look drinking!.  He’s got the plot.  At last.   Phew.


The others were enchanting.  All being fairly new, none of the foals were particularly friendly or curious to meet us.  In a few more weeks, I expect we will be climbed over.

BN2A7280  BN2A7363 BN2A7389 BN2A7424

Darling, darling little peoples.  Some were more inquisitive than others.  This gorgeous colt had the most beautiful head and eyes.


His movement also took my breath away.  I liked him very much.

BN2A7470 BN2A7499 BN2A7511

I am lucky.  At least these foals are next door and I can spend time with them if I need a quick foal-fix.  Imagine living somewhere where there are no Shetland pony foals?  No, I don’t want to.  That would be my idea of hell.


And, of course, I have my own roly-poly thugs to keep me entertained.


8 thoughts on “Lovely Foalios (not mine, sadly)

  1. Rhonda Lane

    When I left Kentucky and its stud farms for various breeds, I had no idea how much I’d miss seeing foals. That there wasn’t a crop “down the road a piece” was shocking. Thank you for the “foal fix.”

  2. Linda

    Shetland pony heaven through the lens and eyes of you – thank you!! This is my daily place for a smile and a little inspiration…

  3. doris

    Thanks for sharing! I miss foalios too…here we only have single mums with foal – sad. But the lambs and calves try to make up for it.


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